Experience Highlights

  • Office of the interim chief executive officer of Pacific Exploration and Production, post-exit from the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act process, enhancing operations and completing restructuring of company and executive management team.
  • Office of the chief restructuring officer (CRO) and restructuring advisor in the multijurisdictional reorganization of Pacific Exploration & Production.
  • Acting CRO and advisor to management in restructuring of Allied Williams Companies and sale of related assets.
  • Advisor to management team in financing of spin-out of assets from Bombay Companies.
  • Advisor to company in turnaround and sale of Pipeline Components, a pipeline distribution company.
  • Advisor to company in the sale of paper company DiversiFile.
  • Monitor for senior lender and advisor to the company in turnaround and Chapter 11 363 Sale of American Pad & Paper.
  • Monitor for creditors in distressed sale of Standard Steel.

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